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Clearing your home is often a good step towards clearing your mind. If you’re unable to see the woods from the trees when you open a garage or spare room door then self storage might be the option. Perhaps your garage is overflowing with items that you don’t want to bin and cannot giveaway but they’re in the way and stopping you from achieving something that you want to with that space. Or you might be in between homes, downsizing or upsizing and not sure what you’re going to need from the items you own. A flexible storage solution provides an immediate reprieve and longer term head space for homeowners and tenants.


Temporary or permanent storage for business can be the perfect solution to office space and storage issues. Storage of files and furniture are typical and it doesn’t matter if you are a large or small business as Gatwick Self Storage have scaleable spaces to meet your business needs and with instant access and fully secured premises it makes perfect business sense to choose a Gatwick Self Storage solution which you can manage and control easily.


If you are in shared or rented accommodation as a young person, couple or student then self storage is a simple way to safely keep hold of all your belongings until a time that’s needed. You might be in between education, changing the space that you live in or heading off to travel – whatever the reason, Gatwick Self Storage has a space to suit your needs at low monthly costs. You can specify how long you need the storage for or simply work on a rolling monthly arrangement.


Storage can be the catalyst to a life change or the next step in a new plan. Making changes to your home can be difficult when its full of things and furniture so clearing those spaces allows you to think clearly and begin to take action. A home office is the perfect example and with more and more people opting for self-employment there is an ever increasing requirement for space at home that can be permanently designated to work and thinking. Whatever the reason it is important to remember that storage is not just putting things out of sight and mind but can be the first practical step to an improved existence.


You may have stock piled goods for your shop or business and simply need a space to store them. With instant access you can nip in and out of Gatwick Self Storage as often as is necessary to collect or leave your goods. There are a few restrictions on what can be stored [See FAQs] but for dry non perishable items a self storage facility is the ideal method of storing and controlling your goods with the ability to call them off as required.


Increasingly we are becoming more aware that we should reuse and recycle and stop throwing things away on a whim. Self storage is a great way to protect those things that you hold dear but maybe do not have use for or a space for at a moment in time. It’s a little like dry cleaning your winter coats and packing them away at the beginning of spring. When it comes to autumn you feel as if you’re unwrapping a new coat for the season. The same feelings can be achieved from storing and reusing those nice pieces of furniture, pictures or even clothing if you’re wardrobe is beginning to bulge. Storing your goods and reusing them in the future is positive contribution towards reducing waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

We provide access 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday, and 10am – 4pm on Sunday. Other times can be organised by appointment.

High quality, secure padlocks are available from us to purchase for the units.

We include £2000 free insurance cover (Inc. VAT). Higher levels of cover are available on request.

We have packaging, boxes, bubble wrap, tape and padlocks available to purchase.

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Fully alarmed, monitored and CCTV premises with your own padlock access to your storage unit.


Increase or decrease your storage requirements to suit your needs. Simply call our team for assistance.


Storage prices start from just £13 per week, £52 per month including VAT.

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